Lazy Day in Grand Cayman

Quick peek out from the balcony, and take out coffee from the outlet downstairs this morning.  Then a casual stroll across the street to Eats Cafe which is a great diner style cafe – I like it because the food is good, it’s very clean, it’s outside of the hotel, it’s simply across the street from the hotel, and you don’t pay hotel prices.

Then strolled back to the hotel where we ended up renting a small cabana, and spent the day doing the bed-ocean-bed-pool-bed-ocean sort of routine.  Nice day relaxing, reading, swimming, watching the world go by (busy beach) and so on.

We ate in our little cabana and had drinks etc.  great service.  Weather was good, and we enjoyed the water temperature in both the sea and the pool.

So, after a quick chill down in the room, we walked across the road to the Legendz bar/restaurant. It is joined to the Eats Cafe so really convenient.

Nice (extensive !) menu, quick service and a decent price.  It’s worth a visit.  Betsy and I both went for the stir fry which was good.

Off to Grand Cayman

We were due to go a few months ago, but sadly we had to rearrange.  Finally we got to go.

Cayman Airways flies direct from Tampa, so we were already pretty close.  Nice relaxed morning before we headed out on a flight that leaves about 400pm if I recall.  All credit to Cayman Airways, whilst the aircraft, as expected, were ‘slightly mature’, they were efficient with boarding, left a few minutes early, and had decent food on board.

Flight goes straight over Cuba, before landing in Grand Cayman, after approaching over the Seven Mile Beach, then turning in over the little town of Georgetown. Surprise on arrival, as the airport had been extended and massively refurbished (even the air conditioning works now !). Nice.

Short wait for a taxi, then on through horrible traffic (something had happened but we never quite found out what exactly !), then checked into our hotel, the Westin.

I suppose we are creatures of habit.  I first came to Grand Cayman on business back in 2001 and stayed at the Westin.  With only one exception, I always stayed there over the years.  Nice hotel, nice pool, nice rooms, and great place to eat across the street for those of us who don’t always want to eat in our hotel.

Arrived at the hotel in time for a bite to eat at the outside terrace between the pool and the beach.  In good time to see the sun set beyond us.  They had a couple of Latin sounding singers there, and we smiled at a little boy who was dancing to the music Latin-style 😂😂

Quick peek at the shops and outlets, then back to a nice cool room afterwards, for a good nights sleep. 💤💤💤💤💤

Tampa for July 4th

As expected, pretty hot weather during July.  Typical sunshine until it storms for a while in the afternoon.

After a few days of jet lag recovery, July 4th arrived.  My sister Linda came up to stay with us a couple of nights.  We enjoyed, sitting around barbecuing food for lunch, swimming, took a stroll down to the lake etc.

Nice day, with a beautiful sunset at the end of the day. We sat and watched the sun go down, then watched and listened to the fireworks.

Betsy and Linda then had sparklers – I swear the shortest burning sparklers I have ever come across !

Quite why they had pyjamas on by the pool isn’t important ! Getting a photo with the sparklers burning was the most important thing ! 😂😂