Quick Trip to NY

Was asked to meet some people in New York, so we took a quick trip up.

Of course a snow storm was ‘due’ on the day we left, but in fact it wasn’t too bad.  We flew up on Delta, and we had the regulation delay, but it wasn’t too bad as we finally were 45 minutes behind schedule on arrival.

Funny to get picked up by Carlos, who frequently drove me around the city.  He took us to the Grand Hyatt down by Grand Central station.  Not a bad room there – maybe I had low expectations.

We arrived hungry, so then had a dinner at Ciprianis restaurant in Grand Central station.  Table on the balcony area, that had a great view over the station atrium area.

Return to Tampa

The good thing here is you can clear US immigration in Vancouver.  Everything worked ok, and we had a bite for breakfast in the airport at Tim Hortons.  Apparently a Canada favourite. 

Flight to Denver was all fine, and arrived a few minutes early.  Unfortunately, our onward United flight from Denver was delayed, delayed then delayed again. My Polish traveling companion – Grumpy Grumpowski – wasn’t impressed of course ! Five and a half hours late, we finally left, getting back to Tampa some time after 3.00am (who cares what specific time it was).  After an eternity waiting for our baggage, we finally got back to the house around 415am.  I don’t remember the last time I got in at 415am !! 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

All in all, despite the flight delay, it was a fantastic trip.  So glad we did it.

Last Day in Vancouver

We were initially scheduled to fly back on the Saturday.  As a result of the lengthy train delay, we took one extra night in Vancouver, as we had arrived one day late.

We sort of took it easy.  Got up slowly.  Got coffee in the nearby shopping centre.  We took a walk down to the waters edge where there is a big boat terminal, and next to the sea plane terminal.  We liked it.  Not too cold.  Had a bite go eat for lunch, then headed back to the Four Seasons.