11 working days left

Ah, it’s starting to feel real now.  Heading to Horsham tomorrow for a little more prep for the shipment from Dublin.

Movers come in on Wednesday next week.  We then head to a hotel.

Then Florida for Christmas !!!!!

6 months later, this’ll be us:







Or even this for Betsy ?-




We are back in Dublin, but the countdown is well and truly under way.  Two weeks this Friday is my last work day.  Nine weeks from today, and we set off on our big trip.

It’s cold today, so the idea of some warm weather is appealing.

This Friday we head to Horsham for the weekend – get the house ready for the shipment of our belongings from Dublin.


Our first time back here since the move to Dublin. It’s really nice to be back.

Had a nice dinner with friends last night at a restaurant called The Duchess.  It looked like an old banking hall.  Picture of the recommended ‘chocolate explosion’ shown just below.

Strolling around today.  It’s been nice. Cold, but nice.  Back to Dublin this afternoon.