Into Lockdown then back out (gradually)

So, it’s been a while since posting last time, and much has happened, but mainly it’s been due to the lockdown and the excitement of things opening up again.

We were happy with our old house, and slightly sad to go, but thrilled to be in our new place.

After a week or two, we started to see the light in our new place and get ourselves in order.  It’s been good that it’s kept us busy.  The house was fine, but hadn’t had much spent on it since it was originally built in 1995 it seems.  But of course we knew that.  It’s been fun getting our own things in, and putting our own mark on it.

Couple of the pictures above show some of our wildlife visitors ! It’s been great to watch deer, foxes, woodpeckers, rabbits, blue tits, squirrels, goldfinch etc..

We have also enjoyed getting to know a little of the local area, and we walk out of our driveway into some pretty countryside –

And of course, ultimately discovered why some of our new plants weren’t thriving as well as we would have hoped for –

And now, the lockdown is slowly being lifted.  Too early ? Too much ? Too late ? Too little ? It’s not for me to judge.  We will continue to do our thing and be cautious, and watch how this all goes.

Lockdown/Coronavirus/Moving House

Ah, so a lot has gone on since my last post.  We got back from our big trip, then went off for a while into London to go and see the Classic Car show (part of an early birthday gift from Betsy).  It was really very good, and worth a visit in my view.  Of course lots of guys my age there reminiscing about “they don’t make ‘em like that any more” and similar, but it really was enjoyable.

Next up was my birthday party, to celebrate my 60th.  People flying in from all over the place, and it turned out really well I’m pleased to say.  Amberley Castle is a great location, and for the most part, the weather played ball.  Good to get the family all together – who knows when we might be able to do it again ?

Then, off we flew back to Florida for a brief-ish visit.  We were only there about 10 days, but long enough to see my sister Linda for lunch on her birthday, and for a Betsy to fly up to see her mother briefly.  We were pleased to get back so we could see some of the work that had been going on in our home there.


We just managed to get out in time before the US put restrictions on flights to/from the United Kingdom, due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Just in time.  Flew back via Charlotte on American Airlines (not my favourite but so what ?).

So, back in England in time for Boris Johnson to announce we would be putting the country into a form of lockdown.  And of course, we completed on the purchase of our new home, and we managed to sign documents in the Solicitor offices just before the lockdown started !

After a few weeks of shuffling things to the new house, we got a bit of ‘hurry up’ on the sale of our existing house, saying the buyers wanted to get in.  So, our first choice removals people weren’t working, but 2 more calls later and we found someone, and off we went !

Thank goodness the weather has been good during this period.  It maybe one of the nicest springs I recall.  It would have been miserable otherwise, particularly for those people dealing with kids of school going age.)

Day in Bangkok

Enjoyed a nice day in Bangkok.  Relaxing start, breakfast in the room, lunch down by the river, drink in the lounge, look around the chocolate shop etc etc.


Nice to sit down by the river and have lunch.  Betsy fed the fish along with her close personal Russian friend.

Interesting seeing what can be done with chocolate nowadays too:

Nice down by the pool at this hotel.  Plus all the orchids.  They are simply everywhere.


Later we met up with Areerat and Ken, a husband and wife couple who used to work for me in Thailand.  It was fun to catch up with them, and they kindly took us to dinner at a nice waterside Thai seafood restaurant in Bangkok.

Closer inspection of these photos reveals that Betsy had begun to eat something she wasn’t happy with, and planned to dispose of fairly soon ! 😂😂😂😂🥰