Little More on Suffolk

Just a couple to add.

There was a cute little pub just up the road from our cottage, so we took a walk up to it.  Nice pub, friendly service and decent  food.  Of course, you have to book, give your name and phone number in this environment, but that’s ok.  Interesting story from our waitress, who told us about her 4 month internship studying black bears in Northern Minnesota !

we enjoyed our stay.  Although the weather was “ok”, it was cool in the evenings, so we lit a fire most night, which was nice.  Enjoyed the cottage, although at 6’2”, I’m sort of relieved to be able to stand up fully when I walk around 😂.  My head is relieved we have left if I’m being honest ! Betsy didn’t suffer the same way interestingly !

First Post-Lockdown Trip

Well, rather shorter or closer than some of our trips have been, but we chose to rent a self-catering cottage rather than stay in a hotel, as we could sort of remain isolated.  So we headed off to Suffolk, which is about a 2 hour (+/-) drive from us.  Found a cute cottage in a small village called Thornham Magna, not too far from Diss.

cute place.  Fireplaces.  18th century.  Thatched roof.  Lots of exposed beams etc.. as well as a nice little English country garden.

Took a few side trips out.  Went to Southwold, Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Diss, Eye and various other stops in between.  We did a stroll around some antique shops, and similar which was fun.  Coffees here and there, fish and chips on the sea front in Southwold and things like that.  A nice time.

Into Lockdown then back out (gradually)

So, it’s been a while since posting last time, and much has happened, but mainly it’s been due to the lockdown and the excitement of things opening up again.

We were happy with our old house, and slightly sad to go, but thrilled to be in our new place.

After a week or two, we started to see the light in our new place and get ourselves in order.  It’s been good that it’s kept us busy.  The house was fine, but hadn’t had much spent on it since it was originally built in 1995 it seems.  But of course we knew that.  It’s been fun getting our own things in, and putting our own mark on it.

Couple of the pictures above show some of our wildlife visitors ! It’s been great to watch deer, foxes, woodpeckers, rabbits, blue tits, squirrels, goldfinch etc..

We have also enjoyed getting to know a little of the local area, and we walk out of our driveway into some pretty countryside –

And of course, ultimately discovered why some of our new plants weren’t thriving as well as we would have hoped for –

And now, the lockdown is slowly being lifted.  Too early ? Too much ? Too late ? Too little ? It’s not for me to judge.  We will continue to do our thing and be cautious, and watch how this all goes.